Monday, April 14, 2008

Still here

Nausea. It's a beautiful thing. However, waking up shaking at 2 am because your blood sugar dropped a wee bit low is not so great. But whatever. As long as I was up.... I think I will ask about this at my 10-week appointment.

We went to a family birthday party Sunday and I am pretty sure it could not have been more awkward if Mr. Long-Suffering had actually gotten up on the table and announced my pregnancy. Heck, he mentioned it to someone in Trader Joe's while I was buying sesame butter.

Speaking of 10-week appointments, I think I will be getting my orders for the Ultra-Screen. I am really looking forward to another ultrasound with, what I hope will be good news.

With tomorrow as the tax deadline, I finished up my IRA contributions. Woo Hoo. Buying low, I say. With the market in the tank. Oh well.

I need ideas of toy solutions for the living room (AKA playroom) and the familiy (aka the downstairs playroom). I looked at IKEA and saw some cute cubbyholed furniture that I might like, but we need to make sure all jobs are stable here (big re-org at man's work) first. Whew.

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