Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who are you?

So, you know that Christmas coffee commercial where Peter surprises his mom and makes the coffee. Well, I was pegnant with Chuckles during Christmas 2004. Every stupid time that 28-year old commercial came on, I cried. So, I am looking forward to being pregnant during the summer because the thought of that commercial brings tears to my eyes. Hormones. Can't live with them, can't stay pregnant without them.

I made homemade from scratch waffles for breakfast. I needed them. Because my name is not actually Suzie homemaker, I made mac-n-cheeze from a box for lunch (sure, I replaced the mac with quinoa pasta and I three some greens beans in the boiling water, but still...from a box and it's wasn't even Kraft. It was Valu-Tyme.).

I am 8 weeks now and the nausea abated somewhat in the middle of this last week, and I have to say I was freaked right out. With Chuckles, I bled and bled and bled, so someone was always offering me a beta or an ultrasound or some other pat-on-the-hand reassurance. I made a rookie mistake. I got my repeat betas and my ultrasound done too close together. I should have spaced them out to keep a somewhat constant supply of reassurance coming my way. Cogito ergo worry (I think, therefore I worry.). But, the nausea is back, so I am somewhat reassured. But now, I'm sick. It's a double-edged sword.

Speaking of Chuckles...I hadn't thought it possible, but he's even more adorable now than he was a year ago, last week or yesterday. He sprang into our room at 5 o'clock this morning announcing that he was a big boy who slept in his room all night by himself. I agreed and told him to climb in bed with us until morning.

We don't have cable TV, but says that on Feb. 17, 2009, analog signals are going away. So, we headed to Radio Shack this morning (without Chuckles) with our $40 US government coupon to get a digital convertor set top box. So far, we love it. We get about 30 channels now. After the coupon, it was $25. Don't get me started on why the government (meaning me, the taxpayer) is subsidizing television viewing, but so far, this digital TV thing is pretty cool. We did lose Chicago's Channel 2 though. It was never that good anyway. CBS, schmee bee ess. We can still get it, if we turn the convertor off. We get like 8 PBS channels now (qubo, maybe). I am not even kidding. I think we might even be able to pick up wilwaukee public TV if we try hard enough! We get quite a few foreign language stations - not just Spanish. This more it was all Lithuanian all the time. Sometimes, it's Korean. Who knows!

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