Thursday, March 05, 2009

As Good As The News Could Be


Bobo's temperature at 10 am yesterday after 13 hours with no Tylenol. He was chatty and smiley and had slept through the night (I was up checking his breathing repeatedly, but he slept fine). The pediatrician was very relieved (he confessed that after we left, he kept second-guessing himself and thought we should be in the hospital).

Last night, however, Bobo was up 4 times. Which was fine. No complaints. I'm sure I slept better in my own bed than I ever would on a chair in the hospital. He has no fever, so I have no idea what was up with that. I gave a dose of Tylenol before bed just in case he was achey like I would be with the flu. Maybe it's the 4-month sleep regression. Which would be un-fun, but decidedly better than flu stuff.

And the really really super good news: Bobo's weight was unchanged from Tuesday to Wednesday. 17 lbs, 4 ounces both days. One of my giant fears in life is dehydration so I was super duper glad that we were in the clear on that one.

Speaking of dehydration, we contacted an attorney about the salmonella Chuckles contracted after eating the hummus at the Taste of Chicago (which resulted in severe life-threatening blood poisoning and dehydration). We filed suit. Resolution expected by 2013 or so. Our courts at their speedy best.

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