Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Hate It When This Happens


Answer: Bobo's temperature at the pediatrician today. I called shortly after 7 this morning. Got a 12:15 appointment (they didn't start until noon). And things got progressively worse until we got there. Bobo was given the maximum tylenol dosage based on his 7.4 kg weight (95th percentile!). His nasal swab is positive for influenza. Mr. Long-Suffering, Chuckles, and I were all vaccinated, so who is the SOB who infected my tiny little baby? All sad and lethargic and weepy and sleepy. We are expected back in the pediatrician's office every day until he is better (unless of course they decide to hospitalize him...which was a decidedly real possibility today). If he does not show improvement, they are going to start prodding him, drawing blood, and doing X-rays (to check for secondary pneumonia). The long night of comfort and nursing is ahead of me. Wish me luck and coffee. Oh, and I am starting to feel a little hot myself.

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  1. you are living one of my nightmares. Many good thoughts are being sent your way for a quick recovery and no hospitalization....