Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Secret to My Success: Denial

I go back in 10 days and Bobo doesn't take a bottle, so if you want to see stressed, see me when I think about that (often at 3 am). Bobo is going to "Baby Bottle Boot Camp" at the day care on Wednesday. I have scheduled a massage during that time so that I DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT.

My biggest fear is that Bobo will be like Chuckles. I have to keep reminding myself that they are different kids and not compare them blah blah blah, but ugh. Chuckles did a little thing called "reverse cycling" where he slept a lot during the day while I was at work and didn't eat much and then was up all night to eat when he had access to the All-You-Can-Eat smorgasbord that is me. It was wrenching and exhausting and I swear to you, I will wean if Bobo does this just to spite him. Or something. It was greuling. I'm still tired from that. That is the reason my kids at 3-1/2 years apart and not 2 years apart as I had originally planned. In fact, I was thisclose to leaving Chuckles an only child.

Two more things: A big "Eff You" to the good folks who write our tax code. Thanks for nothing. We owe $4 and that is with withholding of Married-Zero for Mr. Long-Suffering and Me. We have 4 dependents so that seems odd to me. At least we didn't owe AMT. Good thing we had Bobo last year or we would have owed thousands.

I was doing some Spring cleaning in the flower beds and took a sharp stick to the eye. It hurts. I abraded my schlera and well, I have excruciating eye pain. Which is always a good time. The hardest part was when I pulled the stick out of my eye where it was stuck and dangling. Actually, the best part was when I told CHuckles to go get Daddy and he did. Very proud of my big big boy.

Oh, one more thing, we went to Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop, which is one of Barack Obama's favorite restaurants in Chicagoland. Food gets a 9. But the restaurant was so uncomfortably warm we had to leave. I mean like 85 or 90 degrees. Chuckles took his sweatshirt off, I was sweating, Bobo turned beet red and fussed but didn't want me to hold him because I was warm. He was hungry so I fed him but I couldn't use my "Hooter Hider" because of the aforementioned heat. Bobo would have burst into flames. At least I was in Illinois where they have Right to Breastfeed in Public Laws. Anyway, good food, bad ambiance.

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