Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

So, it's the 17th of March. And in honor of the beautiful weather we had today, I took the kids to a new National Park near my house. They put in a park at the National Lakeshore, so you could say I took the kids to the beach. In March. And all our noses and cheeks are a little pink now (was quite breezy so not sure whether sun or wind but must put sunscreen back in the diaper bag).

Am going back to work in 2 weeks. Having a major freak-out as Bobo does not take a bottle. In fact, he thinks a bottle is an affront to his dignity or possibly a modified form of waterboarding torture. Whatevs. Am sending him to day care for 4 hours next week for Baby Bottle Boot Camp. They tell me to bring in some milk and one of every kind of bottle I have and at the end of the 4 hours, they will tell me which kind of bottle to send on his first day. Ok, then. And I have a massage scheduled for me during his Boot Camp so that I will NOT be thinking of my poor baby being subjected to an artificial nipple against his will. (Do you think they know that I have, like, 10 kinds of bottles plus two soft-spout sippy cups I have tried?)

Bobo is 4-months old. His ped visit is tomorrow. I am guessing 27", 18 lbs, and 4 shots. We'll see.

I have a bunch of stuff to say about global economic collapse (and an anecdote about when I used to be important and have interesting non-child things to say), but it's after 9 pm and the house is eerily quiet. I best get to bed because the long nights usually start like this.

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