Thursday, March 19, 2009


I try not to be all judgey and everything, but here I'm going to judge....

If you are someone who, for a living, shoots things into little tiny babies, you had better make sure you know what you're doing. Damn sure.

Yesterday was Bobo's 4- month ped appointment. He was administered 3 shots, which covered 8 diseases. Except! One of the shots was wrong! Wrong! Wrong! As in, he was given a vaccine not approved for use in the US in children under 12 months, and approved in Italy for 5 months and up. So, no country in the world approves the use of this vaccine on a 4-month old. And my Bobo got it. Bobo, who has had nothing in his body except breastmilk and vitamins (plus a few correct shots). The very same Bobo who did not receive the Hep B vaccine in the hospital because they would not let me be present for it (to make sure it was done correctly).

I feel so guilty because I was there and I asked about a million questions to make sure they were all right. And then I was given a print out of the shot record and I was reviewing it and saw that he received the Hep A vaccine instead of the Hep B. THe doctor called today and apologized. Argh! Now what do I do? I love our pediatrician but I have been completely underwhelmed by his office staff (it's not actually his staff as it's a big corporate clinic place so I don't think he gets to pick people). Do I change pediatricians? Do I just step up my diligence (which is already set to Freak Out Code Red Alert)? Do I sue? What do I do? Tell me, dear internets...

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  1. Ugh. I don't know. We are thinking of switching as well....but not because of incompetence, but rather because when they schedule appointments, they schedule them wrong. As in "Oh, we have you scheduled for TOMORROW at 11:10". Um, you do not do that to a woman with a 3 1/2 year old with PINK EYE and a newborn.

    And we always - and I mean ALWAYS wait at least 45 minutes. Sometimes longer.