Friday, July 18, 2008

I guess I've always liked puppets

So, we decided to tell Chuckles that mommy is going to have a baby. (This is called hubris. It is from the Greek meaning whoa, you totally just jinxed yourself.) We said that there was a baby in mommy’s tummy. And since the only times we’ve talked about there being a baby in mommy’s tummy were looking at pictures of when I was pregnant with Chuckles, he asked if it was him. No, it’s not you. There’s a new baby in mommy’s tummy and when it comes out, you will be the big brother. ((Big Smile on His Face)) So, we went along like that for a while. I mentioned that the baby would be his brother or sister. He seemed unimpressed. So, I dropped it. Later, Daddy asked Chuckles what was in mommy’s tummy and he replied A Puppet Show, so from now on, the baby will no longer be referred to as BoBo, but instead as Puppet Show.

Now, the real question, whose baby book gets that story?

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