Monday, July 28, 2008

Questions and Answers

Q: What was I doing that prompted my husband to comment, "You do know meth is not a creme, right?"

A: I was trying to dissolve the powder from a benadryl capsule in rubbing alcohol to spray on my allergic dermatitis and when he asked what I was doing, I jokingly told him I was making meth to help pay for Pampers Swaddlers. Those things are pricey. (Jokes aside, we don't buy name-brand diapers for day time after the newborn period. My kids will be just fine having their heineys covered in generic thank you.)

Q: Am I completely nuts?

A: No, not completely. I know that woman are not supposed to cut their hair when pregnant. I know that Face Puff can sneak up out of no where leaving that cute pixie cut looking a little bit more like lesbian truck driver than you wanted, but I now sport an 8" pony tail and I am dying to cut it off and send it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I've done it before (less than 2 years ago, and I have 8" of hair already), and I want to do it again. Do you think Face Puff might come for me?

Q: How did I answer Chuckles's question: Is it hard to get the baby out of your tummy?

A: I hugged him because he has been refusing to acknowledge a baby in my tummy (which is totally fine...he keeps saying that it's just food in there but he has a baby (or five babies) in his back). Then, I told him it was hard to get the baby out, but that I would go to the hospital and the doctor would help me. That's the truth, but it doesn't seem that simple.

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