Friday, July 18, 2008

It's not yet autumn, so what's with the fall

I was in my FIL's garden picking cucumbers with Chuckles. THere were many to get. I had to move to a different location in the garden to get at the rest, so I moved a little to my left. And then, I completely lost my balance, fell forward, hit the 2-foot high metal fence (rusty, jagged metal), tripped over it, fell to the side, hit the rebar holding the chicken wire up, punctured my abdomen, and then fell over the fence out of the garden and into the grass.

I screamed. Like a little girl. Because it hurt. And I was scared, and I was basically alone (with only Chuckles who was still in the garden with me). So, I lay on the ground, gripping my side to stop the bleeding for what seemed like a really long time but was probably only 45 seconds. I did not cry. I was too scared to cry.

I got up, got Chuckles safely out of the garden and staggered into my in-law's house. I yelled at Mr. Long-Suffering that we were going home NOW. He came quickly (for him). I was already halfway to getting a ZipLoc bag and filling it with ice because I was pretty sure swelling was to follow. It was then that I lifted my shirt to show him. There was no blood. There was no puncture. But there was a four-inch long red gash that was over an inch wide at the worst, and it didn't look good. However, it is on my side not out front where I keep the baby. So, I wasn't too worried about the impact. I told my husband that if it had been a few inches closer to the middle, we'd be on our way to the ER right now, but since it's off to the side, we'll go home, ice it, and just make sure it's not too bad and that Puppet Show keeps moving.

I couldn't sleep in over-the-belly pants because the gash is right where the elastic would be. So, I slept in no pants. Whee. I noticed that I also have a similar bright red gash on my right elbow where I hit the fence/rebar as well. Mr. Long-Suffering put neosporin on my side for me (even that stung) and I slept. Puppet Show continues to move. I'm not too worried that I did any permanent damage. My tetanus shot is up-to-date, so I guess I'm good but clumsy. And I have vowed not to go into the garden again until next summer.

This could have been so much worse, and I am thankful that it wasn't. The End.

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