Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How did Monday's appt with the ped go?

Fine, but we need to do repeat, three-day stool cultures to make sure the salmonella is good and gone, so I was given another not-sombrero, rubber gloves, tongue depressors, and some sample bottles. Sacatology 101 here I come.

So, I have learned a lot about salmonella. Typhoid is cause by salmonella typhidium or something. So, if Chuckles is better but still harboring salmonella bacteria, he'd be just like Typhoid Mary but way way cuter. We don't know at this point which of the many, many strains of salmonella Chuckles had (although I am pretty sure it wasn't typhus). There are supposedly some additional results we need. The newspaper said it was suspected Heidelberg strain, so whatever. I read through all the notes from Wisconsin yesterday and the MIC was very clear that this strain was susceptible to amoxicillin, so we should be OK.

Oh, and I had blood drawn for a CBC and cholesterol test since while at my doctor she tsk tsked me for not coming in for the last four years. I was like, "Uhm, been healthy, but could you update my surgical record to include a c-section and an appendectomy?"

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