Friday, July 06, 2007

I hate someone

I just want to say that I hate the person who came up with "surface wash only with damp rag" for stuffed animals. I just wanted to take teddy bear and dunk him in a bucket of hot, soap-y, bleach-y water. Instead teddy got a sponge bath in the sink with Johnson's head-to-toe baby wash and then spent 40 glorious minutes in the most scorchingly hot dryer ever. He's never been fluffier.

Also, even with two dings, I still had to explain to my limp, lethargic, pathetic, ill child that ding was dirty and needed to be washed. One was in the washer and one was still 20 minutes from done in the dryer. He took it like a trooper. Even two days later, he occasionally looks at ding and says, "Ding dirty". Also, with all this ding washing, at one point, Chuckles was holding a ding and noticed a ding in the laundry, picked them both up, hugged them both like a long-lost friend and cried, "TWO DINGS". I snatched one of them as soon as he wasn't looking and stowed it under the couch. Good thing too, because about 6 hours later, in the middle of the night, I needed to make an emergency ding swap.

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