Sunday, July 01, 2007


Extremely Before - 4 years ago (but not all the way before... by this point, I had already painted the very dirty beige walls bright white and replaced the bronze drawer pulls on the vanity with cute little stainless ones). Note the very yellow shower walls and the mirror over the sink (without cabinet, which was attached to the wall with construction adhesive), the white-painted vanity and the laminate mable countertop with surface mount sink. Feel free to look at the Aqua Net hair spray and the giant tub-o-spackle and putty knife as well.

A glimpse of after: we replaced our bronze light fixtures that featured big light globes with flecks of sparkle with these basic white fixtures with a frosted glass. The picture looks dark, but man, do these brighten the room. And they are so little you don't even notice them.

A little more after: THE CABINET IS DONE. After 13 weeks, I can put my brush in the drawer. We got a new countertop with integral sink and a new faucet, which is quite cute. I stripped the white paint from the vanity (along with a coat of pink paint, two coats of yellow and a coat of beige) and stained it in honey walnut (3 or 4 coats depending on location) and applied 3 coats of polyeurethane for damp areas. We got a countertop in "Castle" from US Marble with the contrasting color integral sink. The floor I replaced 4 years ago and I think I am going to replace again. I am going to go with 6" squares of something that looks like stone. This will probably require that I re-do the stripes I painted 4 years ago as well. But that 4-year ago cosmetic remodel cost under $200 (medicine cabinet, tube surround over tile, paint, drawer pulls, and self-adhesive vinyl flooring) and got me here today.

Feel free to notice the 2 screwdrivers in the picture and the POTTY STICKER CHART on the floor. There sure are a lot of stickers on that chart!!!! Progress is being made once again after a Mexican Stand-off on the potty front.

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