Thursday, July 05, 2007

The week that was

Alternate Title: When the ess-ayche-eye-tea hit the fan

I'll now recap my week for you in snappy format.

Highlight: Going to the Taste of Chicago with Jamington (and a sleeping Chuckles)
Lowlight: The fact that Chuckles had a mild fever and sniffles while there

Highlight: I scheduled a networking lunch this week to help get me a job
Lowlight: I cancelled it.

Highlight: Having a dryer that works
Lowlight: Doing 4 loads of laundry between 10 pm and 6 am over the last several nights

Highlight: Chuckles napped every day this week
Lowlight: One time, he woke himself up from nap by vomiting all over his crib

Highlight: My husband answering his work cell phone
Lowlight: I was begging him to come home from work because I was so sick myself, I could barely strip the sheets from the crib, scrape the gross into the can, strip Chuckles's clothes, get him into bath, and do the laundry.

Highlight: Chuckles slept through the night Wednesday
Lowlight: And when I got him out of the crib in the morning, the bed was full of [yuck] and it smelled - bad.

Highlight: My rugs are very clean
Lowlight: Because after being sprayed with vomit, I took them outside and scrubbed them with a brush (right after I hung the flag in patriotic fashion)

Highlight: A mid-week holiday meant my husband was home from work to help on Wednesday.
Lowlight: The fact that he needed to go back to work Thursday
Bonus Highlight: Which he didn't because I had gotten 90 non-continuous minutes of sleep overnight and basically could not get out of bed in the morning.

Highlight: Holiday traffic to urgent care is low
Lowlight: Holding my son down while two nurses tried to get the IV fluids into him.
Bonus Lowlight: All that effort and they never got the line in.

Highlight: Since we weren't eating, I didn't have to cook or do dishes.
Lowlight: Since he wasn't eating or drinking, Chuckles lost 3 pounds in two days (10% of body weight)
Bonus Lowlight: I wasn't eating, and gained 2 pounds.

Highlight: My son now knows how to call for a bucket before he throws up.
Lowlight: The fact that he needs this skill

And it went downhill from there including a second trip to urgent care and a diaper rash so bad I cannot describe the awfulness.

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