Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Are we a sickly bunch?

My child runs fevers intermittently and has had an ear infection, suspected mono, strep throat, and various other ailments on-and-off since March.

I had food poisoning back in March and am pregnant.

My husband has either heat stroke of food poisoning. No one else in the house is sick like he is, but we don’t all necessarily eat the same things, nor do we all walk around sweating at work all day. Man of the House was actually home this morning while I was getting ready. It works much better when we are not both getting ready at the same time. So, since he was on the couch moaning last night, I got a lot done around the house.

We’ve been collecting rainwater from the downspouts on the house and using it to water the garden and flowers. Pretty neat set up. We put a pump into it last night and Chuckles watered the grass.

And Chuckles flew his battery-operated birthday airplane all over the neighborhood, much to the delight of Mrs. M next door who thinks he’s the bomb.

This morning, he took the banana and the cucumber from the food set Jamington gave him for his birthday and was singing into them like microphones. I got a nice rendition of Jack and Jill followed by Baa Baa Black Sheep. Everyone slept through the night and the world is a wonderful place today.

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