Monday, June 23, 2008

Highlights from the Last Few Days

  • My sister thinks Bobo is a boy based on how I am carrying.
  • Mr. Long-Suffering felt Bobo move on Thursday (almost 18 weeks along...we know it's early, but it's undeniable).
  • Bobo continues to exercise his/her limbs (the pressure to be thin starts so early these days...).
  • The little breakfast place on Saturday was awesome and we got there before the rush. We only had 7 as my father came alone. Everyone else decided they couldn't get up for it. Losers. They have only seen their niece maybe twice in her almost-four years. You'd think they could get out of bed by 8:30.
  • The phone rang shortly before 8:30 Saturday morning and the caller asked if it was too early. The answer: No, we've been up for hours. Incidentally, the caller has two kids, ages almost 1 and 3.5, so she had been up a while too.
  • Today, I bought a Graco Nautilus car seat off of amazon. Free shipping, no sales tax, and a better price than Babies We Are and Lo*Mart. Should arrive next week.
  • I washed and inventoried all the baby clothes and put them in the drawers. That was pleasant. One of the boxes of clothes I unpacked smelled like baby spit up though. Which I think is odd because I know I washed everything before putting it away and those were girl baby clothes that we never even wore. Oh well. They don't stink now.
  • Many of the baby clothes have already been through 3 kids (my niece, Chuckles, and my nephew). Some of them are not in pristine condition any longer, but kids don't wear clothes that long, so I'm not too worried. I am assuming growth will be like Chuckles's and we'll be out of 0-3 month clothes at the 3-week mark (length, not weight).
  • Because of this perceveid growth situation, I also washed all of the 3-6 month clothes and put them in the drawers. And I was a few pieces of 6-9 month clothing that got mingled in with the rest.
  • The VAST majority of baby clothes are YELLOW. I didn't know with Chuckles and I don't know now, so the clothes, they are neutral which is all well and good.
  • The person who called Saturday morning was a mom from day care whose son left at the end of the school year because mom is a teacher and stays home summers. She wanted a play date. We did it, and Chuckles had a MARVELOUS time at the splash pad (big sprinkler thing at the park for a buck). And they played in the sand. Very fun. They were so good together. Really angels. I did not have to intervene during the entire 3-hour play date. It was my first play date ever. I hope I did OK and she wants to do it again. She even said weeknights are OK with her. Awesome. I might take her up on that.
  • And she had a baby with her who was quite cute and I held the baby. And the baby sat on top of my baby and it was weird to hold a baby and well, I guess I had better get used to it.
  • This Friday the Parks Dept is having Touch-A-Truck, where the pre-school set climbs in and around and on trucks and blows their horns. We went last year (right before salmonella hit). We had fun. Should I take a vacation day and do this again? Or maybe see whether grandma would like to take him?
  • My husband jokingly said he should put us in a bubble between now and our vacation so no one gets sick. Funny guy. More funny guy:
  • As I ate sushi
  • My wonderful husband said,
  • "Don't come crying to me
  • When you're all puffy
  • Because the soy sauce,
  • It has sodium."
  • I went to Costco Saturday morning, I bought a rotisserie chicken. Last night, I made salmon burgers. I think I may have hit a new lazy. But the salad I served with teh burger was divine (lettuce, black beans, corn, fresh cilantro, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, and Catalina dressing). And Chuckles ate a surprisingly large quantity of salmon (more than I had since he ate half of mine, all of his, plus some of his Dad's).
  • Sunday, I pretended to be asleep so Chuckles would take a nap. I woke up 15 minutes later, panicked but Chuckles was asleep next to me.
  • My shoulders are sore today because I (manually) trimmed all eleventy bushes in front of our house yesterday. I think I got some sun too because the area between my eyes where my sunglasses cross the bridge of my nose is white when compared to the surrounding skin.
  • I sleep like a rock every night (until 3 or 4 am when I wake up in some sort of mom-related panic, usually involving car seat safety….except last night when I have no recollection of anything from 10 pm until 6:24 am).
  • I asked my kid (who was looking out the window at the bird feeder with me yesterday) how many birds were on the feeder. Answer: 3. Then I asked him how many would be there if one more came. He thought for a bit and answered, "Four." Many hugs and good jobs were offered.

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