Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pregnancy Update

I continue to feel sporadic movement. Probably every day now but certainly not constant and there is no way I would know what this was if I was my first pregnancy.

I've given up on pants with buttons and zippers and have embraced the large elastic waist bands.

I've decided to enjoy myself and assume that a real-live take-home baby is coming at the end of this. If that's not what happens, I will deal with it then. Until then, La-la-la I can't hear you.

If I feel like sushi at 10 am on a Saturday morning, I get thee to the supermarket sushi counter and find myself some packed on Today's date sushi (made with cooked ingredients) and I eat it in the car on the way home.

I hate round ligament pain, but I guess that's the price I pay for having "popped" a little.

Speaking of "popped", I had an ob appointment on Thursday. I am measuring a week and a half ahead. I am sure of my dates, so it's really just one big baby. Very long. Same thing happened with Chuckles and he was almost 22" long at birth, so I am unconcerned. More proud that I grow 'em big.

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