Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My niece is in town visiting her grandparents this week. She came with her au pair from South Africa.

My niece is 8 months older than Chuckles, but she has some delays so they are at approximately the same skill level (he might actually be a hair ahead in the verbal communicative realm although she's definitely the winner in gross motor skills).

The played My Little Ponies last night and trucks and ate Salerno Butter Cookies and watched teh first 20 minutes of Flushed Away before we went home to play outside and garden.

Chuckles is now totally in love with his cousin, who is quite the cutie and a good 2" taller than he is.

My sister is coming at the end of the week to retrieve my niece and the au pair. I get to see my sister and she will get to see my belly. I visited her when I was 4.5 months pregnant with Chuckles. That's roughly where I will be this weekend. We'll see whether she thinks I am bigger/smaller, more popped/less popped, out in front/all around this time.

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