Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I feel as though I have been neglecting the blog, and in a way, I have, but today, I am reinvigorating the blog by posting a re-run. You probably haven't seen it before unless you are you-know-who.
A dear friend emailed me a list of girl baby names that google said were "original". This is what I sent back to her.

Here are my first impressions of the names:
Jem – She’s truly outrageous
Ballari – Lost a bar fight
Ula – isn’t that the thing in the back of your throat?
Helia – Hellraiser
Kia – A cheap Korean car
Yanichel – We wanted a boy
Miyo – Yep, we wanted a boy.
Kabira – Just back from the Peace Corps
Rufina – We’re hoping finishing school turns her into a lady
Mahalia – She sure can sing the gospel
Polly – Girl always wants a cracker
Urvi – I suffered a horrible bladder infection while pregnant and this is my revenge
Radha – We love Gandhi
Robyn – It’s true, we wanted a boy
Maude – Abortions for everyone
Lotus – Man, I love that car
Anchoret – We’re hoping she joins the Coast Guard
Osanna – Because Osama was just too close
Frigg – When F&^% just won’t cut it
Senalda – Why yes, I do have allergies
Zandeleigh – I do use drugs, thank you.

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