Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Newsflash: Second Hand Goods Rock the House

After my last post, I went to the Salvation Army on my way home from work and I am sold. The prices are so much better than at the Goodwill. 45 cents for a long-sleeved maternity tee. $1.50 for brand-new maternity jeans that still had the Target tags on them. Unfortunately, the Salvation Army is literally in the ghetto and I was worried about leaving my car in the parking lot. But the prices. I spent $14 and got enough clothes to go through the summer, I'd say. Shorts, pants, tops, dressier tops, less dressy tops, and a pair of khaki cargo pants in size medium that is not long for me.

In other second hand goods news: I was out in public on Saturday and someone actually asked me when I was due. Uhm, hello? But I was buying baby clothes and a double stroller at a garage sale (multi-family, nice subdivision, tons of good stuff). We have a dresser coming, so I can wash all the clothes and put them away (nothing like rushing things right, but I get stuff done so slowly with Chuckles “helping”). I bought a Baby Bjorn front carrier thing at Once Upon A Child on Saturday for $12 (reg retail price $89) and a fleece Bundle Me car seat cover that goes over the top to keep the baby warm for $8 (reg retail about $40), so I feel pretty good. My husband finds my bargain-hunting nature endearing. I’m excited to save money. Must look on ebay for the last few things I want. I still want (need) almost $1,000 worth of car seats, so I need to save where I can, I guess. And I won’t do used on car seats. Not on safety gear. You just never know. And I bought more baby hats.

I'm obsessive over baby hats because the season is all wrong. I had a baby going in to summer last time so all my newborn clothes are sunny rompers (btw, to me, newborn clothes are size 3-6 months because I grow them long).

And here I go burying the lede: I am officially making my predicitons. I did a bang up job when I was pregnant with Chuckles and was very close on everything so we'll see how I do this time. Here is my guess...
Day: Monday, November 24, 2008
Gender: Girl
Length: 22"
Weight: 8 lbs 13 ounces
Miscellany: Blue eyes, curly dark hair, born before noon, puffy lips like Angelina Jolie and a round face that is slightly reddish

We'll see...

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