Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Comfy Pants

On Friday, I wore jeans and a top to work. On Saturday, I decided I would wash my jeans and wear comfy pants instead, so I pulled out a pair of yoga pants. I threw on a maternity top just so I could see what I had in the house. Sunday, same thing. Monday, it was warner, so I located some shorts and put them on. After needing to lay on the bed to zip them, I realized if I ate or drank anything all day, I was not going to be able to zip them up again (and I was going out to lunch, so eating was on the agenda). I located a pair of maternity shorts and wore those with a maternity top that would cover the big elastic band.

Tuesday came and it was time to go back to work, so I pulled out the same pants I wore on Friday and headed in. About 4 minutes in to my commute, the pants were unbuttoned. So, today, I am wearing maternity jeans. With a regular shirt that pretty much covers the elastic band but only if I don't move much. I guess I am entering the realm of maternity clothes (and can I say that I am SO glad I pulled out the "big bras" on Sautrday, oh my gosh, yes).

When I was expecting Chuckles, I had an office job whose dress code was business attire. So, I realized I have a lot of transitional slacks (larger size regular clothes) that don't really work for me now. I have suits, and blouses that need to be ironed and khaki pants, and black pants, and everything is for winter since I was pregnant and in special clothes from November until May which is all pretty much winter in Chicago. So, now I am looking for jeans and shorts and tanks and polos and maybe some capris. I hit the Goodwill a while back and bought out everything in my sizes that wasn't a jumper, wasn't a dress, not a muu-muu, not a tent, and featured no duckies. I went back a week ago and they didn't have anything nice/new. So, I guess I need to hit another GOodwill or make some mom friends who want to give me their clothes. People don't keep this stuff, so everyone always wants to get rid of it all. I know I did. I guess I am glad I only gave away a little bit of it.

As far as "am I bigger this time than last time"? Nope. Weight gain so far is less this time around (although starting from a higher place, so I think actual weight at 14.5 weeks is the same). Busting out the Comfy Pants at the same time as last time (although I am in actual "maternity" clothes sooner just because the transitional clothes aren't working for me). I felt movement at 13.5 weeks this time (not every day, which is a mindfork in and of itself). Last time, it was around 16 weeks, but both of those are on the very early side. I'm sort of in-tune with that and I sit quietly a lot, so I have the opportunity to feel it.

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