Friday, May 23, 2008

The Frustration, It Burns

The Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor office called to tell me they got the preliminary results back yesterday, but they can’t give me the results because they want me to have more blood drawn between 5/31 and 6/14 in Orland (which while not far, is not close and certainly not convenient). That kind of makes 1st trimester screening irrelevant if you’re going to wait and do second trimester screening with it (which I am already scheduled to do here, near home). So they have the results but they won’t give them to me. They say that have faxed them to my doctor’s office, so I called over there and to see whether anyone would give them to me, but the office never got a fax. The MFM doc won't be returning my call until Thursday (and entire week from when the results were in because I have no idea why). The whole point of first trimester screening is to have results NOW. If the results indicate that a CVS is warranted, I need it Tuesday because time is a-wasting.

I have never heard of an UltraScreen combined with the 2nd trimester screening. Maybe I'm just not into obstetrics enough, but please. The point here is results early.

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