Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bullet Points are a Tired Mom's Friend

  • Had 35 people in for Chuckles's 3rd birthday party. It rocked. As he was born on Cinqo de Mayo, we had amazing tacos and tamales. So tasty and good. The leftovers fed us for days.
  • The pinata at the party was a big hit. There were prizes for kids and adults. Someone went home with a 200-ounce jug of laundry detergent. What's not to love? Someone else got domino magazine (home decorating). And teh kids got kazoos and stickers and little bit of candy.
  • I blew the day care party on Monday and did not send a cake. I sent fruit leather, Pirate Cannon Balls, and Veggie Booty. He wore a crown and they all sang to him. He seemed fine with his lack of cake but one of the girls at school was bummed that there would be no cupcakes.
  • In honor of his birthday, school declared Monday pajama day, since I believe I mentioned that sometimes Chuckles wears jammies to school. He's been getting dressed really well since then because jammie day is only on your birthday so today is clothes day at school. Why i didn't think of that line sooner, I'll never know.
  • I have my UltraScreen scheduled for somewhere in Orland Park with a maternal fetal medicine specialist who is on my insurance. Huzzah. It's a week from today. I am not worried. I am zen. Zen, dammit.
  • Chuckles went on a sleep strike for a couple of days and it was rough, but everything is as good as it has been lately. He was in my bed this morning, but for most of the night in his own bed, so that's good.
  • I have technically been released from pelvic rest, but with the continuation of progesterone supplementation (you do know where I put those, right) for the next two weeks, I am unable to figure out the logistics of it. And let's face it, my libido is toast. Although I am sure my shoulders would be a lot less tense if I had a rhymes-with-smorgasm.
  • My mother-in-law fixed us dinner on Wednesday and sent the leftovers home with us, so we ate again today. Woo Hoo.
  • My land line telephone in the house has not had a dial tone since Sunday and the internet connection is hit or miss. They say it will be back by tomorrow at 7pm. I sure hope our bill reflects credit for this period. We keep getting random ringing (like an auto-dialer or a fax) in quick succession with no one there.
  • I forgot to pay day care, but no one confiscated my child, so that's good.
  • Our tax rebate thingamajig came, so I guess we can fill up the tanks. I spent over $50 on Tuesday putting gas in my vehicle. But I'm not complaining. Higher prices spur conservation.
  • Oh, the phone just's teh auto-dialer again. That means they are working on the line. Whee.
  • Oh, the internet went down when the phone rang. Oh, it's back. Neat-o. I'm liveblogging my life. Yipee.
  • I voted on Tuesday. There were irregularities in Lake County, Indiana, my county of residence and voting. I voted for Ron Paul. I don't necessarily agree with him and I don't think I'd want him to be President, but I am trying to send McCain (and Obama and Hillary too) a message about Vice-Presidential picks. Think outside the box or even outside the party. Evan Bayh might be a good running mate. He's all "The Third Way". I also voted for a guy whose name on the balloy was Mike "The Waiter" White. I figured with a name like that, he was a mobster and I'd better vote for him, if I knew what was good for me.
  • I have a boy name and a girl name picked out. Now, I just need to wait 6 months. Yes, that won't kill me at all. I am not the queen of instant gratification.
  • About the c-section, thanks for the support. It's nice to know people have my back. I did know that they cannot make me have a c-section but I want to stay on good terms with my provider so I don't want to show up at the hospital in labor and have him watching his watch so he can leave. I want a provider who is on-board with the VBAC. Supportive would even be nice. My aunt is actually a Certified Nurse Midwife (no longer practicing) and we talked about it at Chuckles's party and some of her former colleagues would be willing to deliver me; however, they are in the City. I am not sure how onboard I am with doing all my prenatal care in teh City and then needing to go to the hospital in November (in snow?!?) in the City, in traffic, over what will probably be a holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving. It's a toss up between convenience and my desire to avoid major abdominal surgery again. I really just wish that I hadn't had teh c-section the first time because then this would just be a VB and not an AC. If only my doctor had repositioned my son with forceps, I'd be sitting here thinking about to epidural or not. Instead I am contemplating getting a whole new doctor. I am going to call L&D at the hospital (which publicly supports VBAC) and find out who in teh area actually does them, and then I might switch doctors. And get a doula. There's a DONA registered doula in my neighborhood (two streets over and a block down), so I might hire her if I opt out of the scheduled section. I need more support than my husband can give and I found the nurses less-than-helpful last time. One of them yelled at me for not telling her I was having back labor (like I knew the difference). And I think someone else told me I couldn't say it hurt if I wasn't going to take pain relief. When the contraction was over I mentioned that it didn't hurt now. So, yes, a doula if I am going to do that again. Yes. Go doulas.
  • Other than all that, things are good. The internet appears up right now, so I better post before the auto-dialer strikes again.
  • Oh wait, one more thing... I invited my moms and MIL over for mother's day brunch but no one can RSVP since our phones are down. French Toast Casserole and Quiche on Sunday with champagne and orange juice.

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  1. Hi! Here are some great places to find a pro-VBAC provider:
    Fight for that VBAC - it is so worth it! I had a home VBAC - never thought I would do that! - and it was awesome! Anyways, just want to wish you luck with your search for a good provider - it makes such a difference! If you want to chat, with someone who has been there, send me an email!