Friday, May 23, 2008

It's the little things that kill you

Sure, the thing with the MFM is disheartening, but it's really the little things that can spoil your day.

On Tuesday, I decided I was hungry and I wanted Bugles (you know, disgusting cone shaped deep-fried fat). I donned all my safety gear at work and set out for the vending machine. They had no Bugles, so I decided to get the TGIFriday’s bacon and cheddar potato skins for $.65, I pressed B-1, but they didn’t drop down, so I had to come back to my office to get more money.

I only had ten-dollar bill and 5 more pennies.

THe next person who bought them, probably got two, and I bet he had a great day after that. I'm happy for him.

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