Friday, May 02, 2008

I = Dork

Q: Do you know what is better than getting comments on a blog post?
A: Nothing, that's what. Wait, no, I take it back, useful comments are even better.

On the last post, I asked if anyone knew of a specific place in greater Chicagoland where I could get an Ultrascreen (NT measurement, blood test) and someone actually had one done in Chicagoland and told me. Thanks, Bobbi. I happen to love Evanston hospital. I've actually never been inside, but I distinctly (barely actually) remember tailgating right outside that hospital one cold Saturday morning in 1995 at then-named Dyche Stadium. I was the drunk girl just to the left of Mustard's Last Stand hot dog stand. So, I will call Evanston Hospital and see if I can't find a doctor to get me in there. I actually have a friend who had a baby in that very hospital in 2006 and she's coming to my house this very weekend, so I may pepper her with questions and doctor's names as well. I'd love to go to Evanston. I could make a day of it. I could get Tapas at that Tapas place and go to Whole Foods. Oh, yes. I feel much better.

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  1. Happy to help! And now I'm hungry for tapas....