Friday, January 26, 2007

Chuckles dilemma

chuckles gets bitten at day care (6 times so far). Apparently, he is very protective of toys. He says, "No. Mine." But the other kids don't leave him alone, so they bite (only bite him apparently). Anyway, day care wants to move him to a new class to avoid the biting. The new class is the older kids. The 2-year olds. Chuckles won't be 2 until May and they don't usually move them up until a month or two after their birthday. Where he is now, with the Toddlers, he has teh same caregiver he's had since he was 11 weeks old. I'm concerned.

I am touring the 2-year old room in the day care today. I'm not that fond of the main instructor. Maybe I'll like the other one better. We'll see.

Plus there is this whole issue of transitioning him to a new class now and then moving him to a totally new day care as soon as we move. Wouldn't it be better for a single transition? So conflicted.

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