Saturday, January 20, 2007

So, what's up

I got an apartment near work. 1 BR, 1Ba, walk in closet, dishwasher, no TV (but I have borrowed one with rabbit ears and will have it for next week).

Chuckles learned to say, "More Cheerios" so clearly that anyone within a 3-table radius could understand what exactly he wanted RIGHT NOW.

Da Bearce are going to the NFC Championships and I couldn't be happier. We taught Chuckles to put his arms up like Touchdown and should "YAY", so that's so cute, I might just die.

I got a period, if you could call it that. One and a half days of spotting. I was expecting a multi-tampon, multi-day affair with much ibuprofen. Notsomuch. And I am glad. I've just heard horror stories about that first post-baby period. Maybe that's only if you don't take the pill and aren't horribly infertile.

Speaking of birth control and whatnot, to save money and stuff, I've decided to take the pill every other day. If you are actually fertile and trying to avoid pregnancy, I don't recommend this approach. But, heck, if you're me, why not?

Chuckles is upstairs sleeping on his bedroom floor right now. We're from teh any nap in a storm school of parenting, so there you have it. As a wonderful weekend gift to me, he slept until 8:45 this morning. Of course, I had plans to meet my dad for breakfast today (and Chuckles said "PaPa" to my dad (as in GrandPA)). All's well in teh end though. Chuckles is abfab.

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