Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Target for my White-Hot Rage

I now officially hate Toys R Us. I used to like them. Back when we registered before Chuckles was born, we did it at Babies R Us. I was very happy. They returned a great many gifts for me and gave me store credit (store credit upon which Chuckles is sleeping right now - we bought his mattress there with the credits).

Anyway, I was to TRU today to return a few items my mother had gotten Chuckles for Christmas and to use a gift card we received as well. One of the items had a big sticker on it that said Toys R Us exclusive, but they wouldn't take it back because I didn't have a receipt or a gift receipt. They wouldn't even give me store credit for it. I am livid. Livid I tell you. Livid. So, now I guess I will try to return the stuff to Target who I know will give me store credit.

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