Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy 2007, and 2006 year in review

Welcome 2007. I hope you're good.

Here is 2006 year in review for me:
January - Stomach flu
February - I turned 30
March - first night away from Chuckles
April - I weaned
May - Appendectomy & Chuckles turned 1
June - I interviewed for a new job
July - Another crumby vacation with my in-laws which devolved into me crying
August - I accepted my new job
September - I gave notice on my old job
October - I started my new job
November - Working, commuting, etc
December - More of same plus I ruined Christmas (again)

So, 2007, I hope you're better and less-eventful than 2006 (except for ht part where we sell house, buy house, and move).

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