Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rookie Mistake

I left Chuckles's blanket at my aunt's house on New Year's Day. Not just any blankie, but the special "boo bankie" (aka blue blankie). He's going to bed without it just fine, but he's waking crying for it and in the morning, he walks forlornly around his crib looking for "key key KEY".
My aunt has promised to overnight it to us, but the post office was closed Tuesday so we could mourn President Ford. I am mourning all right. It should get here today. CNN's Blankie Watch Day 3 coverage continues. I went to Target today and bought 3 blankies as back ups. I'll see if any of them are good enough tonight. The rest go back. I have been trying to get Chuckles to take a receiving blanket to bed with him. He keeps picking them up like they smell and dropping them on the ground with a look of "Imposter" on his face.

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