Saturday, January 06, 2007

Even babies can blog

So, this image is courtesy of my new webcam. My mom and sister also have them, so we can all do videoconferencing with eachother. I went over and set my mom's up today and hopefully taught her how to use it, but I imagine I will be receiving phone calls that it won't work and fix it. I can't wait. Chuckles figured out how to record movies of himself and also how to stop them, so I now have fifteen 3-second movie clips of him smiling at himself, saying "baybee", and hitting the space bar.
While on the video conference with my sister today, she ran through the GARS screening criteria for autism with me. It's a little misleading since Chuckles came back as "at-risk" or something, but the questions are geared more toward children ages 3 and up. For example, there was a question about temper tantrums. He's 20 months old. He has the occasional melt-down (about once per day). If he was 5 years old, this would be alarming, but at his age notsomuch. Also, there were a lot of questions about pronoun usage. So, Chuckles is fine. He has a lot of risk factors, but he's OK. I am officially not concerned about it, but of course, I will continue to monitor him for all sorts of things.

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