Saturday, January 06, 2007

Menu Blogging

I am terribly behind in telling you what I've been eating. Terribly behind. I know everyone wants to know what I eat. So, here goes...
breakfast - bisquick pancakes made with soymilk served with Grade B maple syrup from Trader Joe's and a glass of milk
lunch - turkey sandwich on whole wheat made with Smart Balance flax oil margarine and a navel orange, half a clementine, 4 Trader Joe's chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos), and a glass of skim milk
dinner - chicken with carrots, celery and onions served over Klusky noodles, and two glasses of milk (second glass washed down 4 more TJ's sandwich cookies)

Friday - I ate both breakfast and lunch in my car while driving in excess of 55 mph. For dinner I had a Lean Cuisine.

Thursday - breakfast and lunch in car, for dinner I made pan seared pork chops, brown rice, and green beans.

Wednesday - we went out for pasta. Chuckles was covered ear to ear in red sauce. I had mushroom ravioli and a large glass of 7-Up (which I rarely do).

Tuesday - I have no clue what I ate other than breakfast in the car and a corned beef sandwich from a deli under Mannheim Rd near O'Hare airport.

Monday was New Year's day and I had awesome food at the open house we attended (where I lost Blankie). I had bruschetta, gumbo and jumbalaya, ham, cut up fruit, stuffed clams, etc. Fabulously awesome food.

Oh, and on Friday, I had two cups of coffee because apparently, I am falling apart.

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