Friday, May 11, 2007

Blog Notes

If you look over to the right, you see there is a link to Julia Here Be Hippogriffs. Well, she's this lady named Julia Litton. Oh just go here to Redbook magazine where she is now featured (but I knew her when).

Anyway, her husband has mutant sperm that cause defects to the fetus that are incompatible with life. She's had something like 14 miscarriages and one perfect live son, Patrick. She keeps moving forward trying to have another baby because as she says, the pain of not having another child is greater than the pain of continuing to miscarry. Well, the news is, she is pregnant, again. They did genetic testing (PGD) with IVF this time, so ostensibly, the embryo is genetically normal, but PGD is still somewhat experimental with these kinds of genetic problems, so it's possible she will miscarry again, but heck, maybe not! And that's optimism.

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