Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let's talk Money

Milk: what is going on? The sale price on milk has been at $2.50 or higher for the last three weeks, but the price for the 56 ounce Breyer's ice cream is only $2.38 (down over a dollar since last year). So, milk price up, ice cream price down. Makes no sense.

Orange Juice: Did I miss the news of the frost? OJ has been super expensive (sale price of 2 for $6 instead of 2 for $4) for over a month now and I don't like it.

Fruit: Oh my word...when is summer coming? Apples are over $1/lb, strawberries at $3/lb (although two weeks ago, they were $1.25), peaches are $1.50, cherries are $7. So, we're having bananas at 46 cents/lb (only 25 cents a month ago) and grapes for $1.49 this week. C'mon summer.

Gas: Uhm, well, last week is was $3.33. This week the E-85 flex-fuel is $3.33 and regular unleaded is running about $3.59. Summer driving season, summer pollution control formula, fire at a refinery, blah blah blah. Until the price of gas makes me and other Americans chage our behavior (like car pooling or walking places or figuring out how to nap boy without the car), I vow not to complain about the price. I may make note of it, but I am not complaining. I walk quite a few of our errands (post office, Target, library, park, supermarket if I am not getting anything refrigerated), so there is not a whole lot of driving I could cut out of my I will not give up the can pry the car keys out of my cold, dead hands before I give that up.

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