Friday, May 11, 2007

Life is Good (in two parts)

Our next door neighboor gave Chuckles a bird feeder for his birthday. It's a feeder where the birds eat upside-down (see photo). I'm trying to figure out what kind of birds they are but I can't decide if they are chickadees or goldfinches. If you know, please tell me.
I spent a long time trying to get these photos today with the camera on max zoom through the dining room window (the haze is the dirt on the window...I can't help it, I clean these windows twice a week and then Hurricane Chuckles comes along with a graham cracker/goat milllk paste and the windows are all smeared again...or lately, he's been asking for "triangle chips" which are cinnamon things I made using Carly's recipe...a recipe which I give out frequently as it is so easy, but don't tell anyone).

Our shirts say "Half Full". Mine is a cup (of milk, if you ask Chuckles...something else if you ask me), his is a sippy cup. Shirts courtesy of Jenn.
You can shop for your very own Life is Good clothing at Jenn probably won't buy it for you.

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  1. A little late, but they're goldfinches— chickadees have much less yellow (only a blush on the sides of the belly). Also, there's both a male and female in the top photo (male is on the left), so there were probably small gray goldfinches around there somewhere, too.

    Hope that helps for next spring!