Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let's Talk about Lybrel

Lybrel is a new, continuous low dose oral contraceptive with NO OFF WEEK AT ALL. That means: no periods at all. It's not dangerous to forego a period when you are on the Pill because your lining does not "build up" and back up on you or anything and having a period while on the pill is more of a cultural thing than anything.

I cannot believe how many stupid newscasters kept asking their in-house doctor correspondents about this today. It's pretty common knowledge among women, or so I thought. The really fabulous news is that within 3 months of going off of this pill 99% of women were either pregnant or at least ovulating. So, that's good news. However, this tells me that no women with anovulatory conditions (like mine) were included in the study trials...or were they and this cures them? No, they probably weren't. If I were making the trial, I would include women who were healthy, non-smokers who really did not want kids now so they would be good about taking their pills and making my numbers look good.
Technical info on the drug available HERE.

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  1. part of life is responsibility. I wanted to get pregnant right after going off the pill-so i chose a bc that would make that a possibility. I read reviews on other bc and they have crazy side effects when you go off. no one needs to smoke to live. its unfortunate that there is no cure for people with ovulation problems but thats not necessarily why someone goes on a pill. in my case it was just to prevent pregnancy.