Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Irony met Hubris in my garage

Friday morning Chuckles had his 2-yr ped visit. It was at 10 am about 5 minutes from teh house, but we had new insurance, there are train tracks between here and there, and it was raining, so I went to leave at 9:30. Load boy into car, get ready, click-click-click. Car wouldn't start. Now, there wasn't enough time to walk to the ped (in the rain), so I called MiMi (my mom) to take us. They charge you if you cancel within 24 hours of the appt, you know. Anyway, my big worry was not the ped...it was....THE NAP. What would I do if the car didn't start? Oh No! So cocky, I was. Just ride in teh car until he dozes, blah blah blah. ohmigawd. So, we sat in the garage in teh car seat while the car wasn't moving. And would you believe he fell asleep. Well, he did. And we've done it two more times since (because my car is still not well). He almost even seems to fall asleep faster sicne there is nothing at all to see or watch. Only this is...it's fricking hot today and it's only bound to get worse. Can't very well sit in the garage then. I have no idea what to do then. We'll keep sitting in the garage without running the car until it gets too hot. Then, I guess we'll move teh car seat into the house somewhere and sit? I have no idea what next, but baby steps...one at a time.

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