Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Huh (from the Boys Will Be Boys file)

Chuckles is mildly amused/interested in/obsessed with the little door that hides where you put the gas into the car. I keep finding little trinkets in there (like small cars, scrub brushes, weeds, and today teh cap for my watering can).

On the plus side, this means my car is back and it only cost thirteen hundred and change. Well, that's quite a bargain, isn't it? Chuckles and I walked the two miles to the car dealer (ok, I walked while he sat in teh stroller and told me to go "more fast" and made truck shifting noises). It was 90 degrees out. On the way, we stopped at Chuckles's old day care to say hello to all his old teachers. I genuinely think they love him. I really do. He's loveable and was very affectionate and easy to care for. Miss Melissa almost cried when he left. Plus they had air conditioning and by this point (1.6 miles into the journey), I was not-so-fresh.

So, car's back. Woo Hoo.

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