Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Prognosis for my Car

When the guy from the car place called yesterday, I had Mr. Long-Suffering call him back, because even though I am enlightened and super technical and all, I am, still, a blonde woman with a toddler in tow. For that, I believe there is a flashing neon sign over my head reading: SUCKER. So, Mr. L-S called because I was sure they'd tell me I needed to rebuild my power-transfer shaft (which by the way, is a made up part, but if they told you that, would you fall for it?).

So, Mr. L-S called and they told him I needed $4200 in repairs. That's right. I said FOUR-THOUSAND TWO-HUNDRED dollars. Oh yes, baby. Car repair guy needs a new pair of shoes. Let's call the car repair guy Bill. I don't think that's his name, but Bill sounds rather typical, no? So, Bill and the Mr. were talking and going through all the things Bill wanted to do to my car, which by the way only has about 50,000 miles on it, despite being almost 6 years old.

So, anyway, we picked out the eleven most critical things that are either currently broken or are imminently about to break and fail catastrophically. So, yes. The mister approved these repairs at 3 pm yesterday and they were all done by 11 am today. So, right. That's really not that much labor since they close at 5 and reopen at 7:30. Six hours of labor max, and you cannot tell me parts are that expensive. Someone is grabbing their ankles and thinking about Oklahoma on this one.

So, my car is done. Chuckles and I can take the stroller up there after nap and get it. We probably will not wait for the mister to come home from work to do this since I don't think he's coming home for a few days. Something about a business trip to Toronto. Whatever. He called this morning to say his flight was cancelled and rerouting through Nome to do something something but Chuckles was screaming, so I am not entirely sure.

So, bottom line is $1500 and I will have my wheels back. It will be good to be done with the stick shift loaner cars so I can get back to multi-tasking and don't have to spend all my time in the car, *gasp*, driving.

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