Saturday, August 18, 2007

And now for something that sounds different (but is really the same)

We had actual plans with real, actual people this weekend and had babysitting all lined up for said plans, but I am here blogging like it's a Tuesday, so you can see that fell through.

Chuckles had a fever on Thursday (no other symptoms whatsoever), so I took my temperature to make sure the thermometer was accurate. I had a fever too, so we checked Mr. He was normal. So, we were fighting something mild off. The people we were visiting have a premature baby, so we canceled as I cannot be near that baby and the Mr. is probably carrying this as well. Then work called and Man-of-the-House (or MOTH) had to answer a bunch of questions. He went in early the next morning (since Chuckles woke up at 4 am for the day..I guess since he was sick?) and didn't come home until after midnight. Here it is Saturday and he's at work again. The fevers are gone, but the plans are toast and the babysitter didn't want him if he was sick (which he's not... we just didn't want to endanger the newborn). MOTH is not expected home until tomorrow morning. I am so lonely, I invited my mother over for dinner.

On the plus side, I am cooking and baking up a storm. 93% lean ground turkey was on sale for half the price of 93% lean ground beef, so I am experimenting with all my recipes. Plus, tomatoes are in season RIGHT NOW, so I'm making chili and maybe tomato salad.

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