Friday, August 24, 2007

Tidbits from my Life

Thought I'd give you a dose of Chuckles...he begged for some of my feta cheese and balsamic vinegar salad so I gave him some. He put the lettuce in his mouth, thought about it a second, spit it out, and announced clearly, "That is not good."

Chuckles started pre-school on Wednesday in anticipation of me working and when I asked him what he did that day, he answered sadly, "I shared trucks."

I took him to Target today to buy some underpants since he's basically potty trained, but refuses to give up diapers (won't even wear pull-ups), so every day, I wind up throwing out a dry diaper...drives me nuts. Anyway, I told him he could pick out the underpants and then he would get to wear them and so on. Anyway, I show him Cars, Thomas Train, Spiderman, Grover, Elmo, plain white "like Daddy wears", Shrek, Diego, and so on. The kid picked out pink and purple lace-trimmed ones from some movie about Penguins (happy feet?). Now, not wanting to do gender-steroetyping, this didn't upset me too much...who doesn't like penguins?, but I knew his Dad would not be happy, so I told him he needed ones with a "fly" and he freaked out because he didn't want any bugs in his underpants. So, I think I shot myself in the foot on the underpants thing.

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