Thursday, August 02, 2007


I am a worrier. I worry and I plan. I don't find it consumes me (much). I just make contingency plans for everything. No big deal. I had alternate arrangements at my wedding. I have life insurance.
And starting this weekend, I will be practicing getting both me and teddy bear out of my car (carseat) while I am blindfolded and holding my breath. I have always had fear that the car would plummet into a river and I'd need this skill, so this weekend, in light of Mpls, I will practice. Also, I have a plan for getting out. If the windows are open, I can open teh door, but if not, I will use the ignition key in my fist to break the window equalizing the pressure. I won't do that until Teddy is out so I have the air as long as I can.
How do I practice doing this while the car is upside-down and filling with icy water?

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