Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More About My Interview

It is with a large company. Perhaps, the largest company of its type in the world (wouldn't be the first time I've worked for the largest in the market fact, I have always worked for the largest....usually on the order of 40% market share or more).

They have a large and unwieldy bureaucracy. I sent my resume like 3 or 4 months ago. I finally called someone I know who works there (as they are big and in my industry and used to be my supplier, I know about 5 or 6 people there) and BAM, I got a call for an interview 3 days later. Connections and networking. I'm telling you now, connections and networking.

Also, they sent an email confirming the interview with 7 attachments (a mix of word documents and pdf files) that I should complete and print and bring with me. It works out to like 35 pages of printing and hotmail flipped trying to download it all. It took 2 hours just to do the downloading. Argh. I miss having corporate email whizbang so fast and a laser printer (but out in the hall away from my office....did you see the new studies that say laser printer toner fumes cause cancer?). Anyway, I am filling their forms out now and must sign them acknowledging and giving permission for background check, criminal check, education check, driving record check and credit check. Driving record is notsobad since I went to driving school for that last ticket.

Oh, and they haven't told me for which position I am interviewing. They have several openings in a group that would fit me, so I guess I'm going for the pool here. Whee.

Can I use you as a reference? Any of the three of you who read regularly? Are any of you any good? Should I just use the VP of Sales from the ladies room?

Did I mention: Wish me luck?

OK, I am going to copy/paste an item from the application if I can:
o Windows o MS Access o MS PowerPoint o MS Word o MS Excel o Lotus Notes o Other ___________________

Do people still use Lotus Notes? I'm good on teh rest, plus I have things to put on the "other" line. Oh yes, I have many computer skills. Heck, should I put down that I can blog and use youtube? Right, probably not.

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