Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This just in...

Last night at 8 pm, it was 90 degrees outside. We were at the community pool celebrating National Night Out Against Crime. We made sure to double bolt the house before we left...since you know, criminals would know the whole town was at the pool.

While at the pool, we saw fire trucks, amubulances, a Dunkin' Donuts truck giving away free iced coffee, an army recruiting booth staffed by a very hot young man in a full uniform (if you ask me, they'd have gotten more recruits if they'd brought and air conditioned RV), a Red Cross Partridge Family bus collecting blood (two pints from our family, thankyouverymuch), a Target booth giving away pinwheels to blow in the wind, various charitable and civic organizations with Bozo buckets, dunk tanks, bean bag things and candy for prizes, inflatable jumpy bouncy things and slides filled with children much older and bigger than Chuckles, and D.A.R.E. booth giving away kid ID cards. All-in-all a good night. Best part: the adult open swim when I got to go down the water slide without having to wait in line...don't tell teh Red Cross since I don't think I was supposed to do that with the thing wrapped on my arm, but so fun.

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