Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wish Me Luck

Job Interview on Friday. I have a babysitter. I have not picked out an outfit yet, but it should be simple, relatively casual (as per the instruction sheet I was given), and feature sturdy, hard soled shoes. My shirt should be long sleeved. It should match my lace up brown steel-toed loafers. I have nothing to wear. Will need to reconsider outfit choices.

Must go now and re-acquaint myself with my resume. I'd hate to get tripped up over any of my "credentials". Truth be told, my resume is true. I just spun it a certain way to highlight the six minutes of experience I had in various areas. It took longer to type up those six minutes than it did to live them. "Interacted with key management personnel on a daily basis" I used to see the VP of Sales in the Ladies Room before lunch every day. We spoke. So what if I made sure I had to potty when she did!

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