Monday, February 26, 2007

My New Cat

As you know, to make me feel better about everything, Mr. Long-Suffering promised me a new cat. Well, the thing about that is...while we were at the allergist having Chuckles tested, we found out Chuckles is allergic to cats and dogs and nothing else. Dogs worse than cats, but still...cats. Now, what do I do? We had a cat. Chuckles was fine...probably. But, shoudl we get another one knowing what we now know?

So, Chuckles is not allergic to milk (or casein). He is intolerant. Now, if I preach anything in this household it is tolerance. Tolerance to the stupid, tolerance to the dumb and ignorant, tolerance of TV talking heads. And yet, my child is intolerant.

So, here is my description fo the difference between allergy and intolerance
Allergy - can kill you what with its anaphalactic response and all
Intolerance - will make you so sick you want to die

So, what to do about the cat situation? I can't get a dog instead and I don't want a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

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