Friday, October 27, 2006

Last Day of Work - by the numbers

# of gifts received: 5 or so (does getting lunch bought count?)
# of times I cried: zero before 4:30, after that it gets a little fuzzy
# of conference calls I took with customers today: 1, but our phones went down, so I had to dial in again from my cell while standing in the parking lot since there is no cell service in the building
What my out-of-office message says: I am out-of-the-office indefinitely. Please redirect your email.
# of pregnancy tests I took today: 1 (this is an interesting story I'll have to blog later)
Amount of work done today: Surprisingly large
# of boxes it took to pack my office: 2 +1 for all the food leftovers
# of Clorox wipes I used cleaning my office: 6
# of minutes after I had let the office before someone repurposed my chair: -5 (I wasn't gone yet)
How I feel about leaving: Sad but excited about the journey ahead of me

1 comment:

  1. Lunch does count as a gift. Nothing better than a free lunch.

    What former co-worker got your swingline? I bet that was swiped without you even knowing it.