Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More blogging on birth control

This month's "Brain, Child" magazine has an article about birth control. I enjoyed it as I enjoy reading about birth control (no idea why).

Anyway, the article states thusly:
And consider these two facts: According to the National Center for Health Statistics' National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG), in 2002, twenty-one percent of women fifteen to forty-four years of age reported their most recent birth was "mis-timed"--meaning, the baby was wanted, just not then. Twelve percent of that total were deemed by the women to be "seriously mistimed"--that is, occurring two or more years too soon. The study doesn't specify, but at least some of those mistimed babies are likely be moms with birth control mess-ups on their hands.
I love the IUD. I don't use an IUD because as I mentioned, I have PCOS and one of the best treatments for it (if you are not currently trying to have a baby) is to use oral contraceptives. Why don't more women use an IUD? Women who are of childbearing age right now are too young to remember the Dalkon Shield mess up and PID, so why aren't we using it? I may use it in the future after I have a second (completely hypothetical) child. Today's modern IUDs are smaller than earlier generations'. There is the copper-T and the Mirena. The Mirena is progestin-coated and can lighten periods. In fact, many many women who use progestin-coated IUDs stop having periods completely. I'm all for that. I wonder if Playtex and Tampax are paying to keep the IUD down. Where will my conspiracy theories take me next?

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