Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today Show

I'm very happy Katie Couric left the Today show. I started hating her the day she said that fellatio degrades women. Sure, Katie. Sure it does. Or, alternately, it's a part of a happy, healthy marriage. Whatever.

Anyway, I am home from work today and I flipped on the TV. Meredith Viera was talking with someone about obesity and infertility and how they are related. Meredith did a very nice job. I was impressed. BUT. And you knew there was a but coming. But, I think both Meredith and the good doctor she was interviewing missed a key part. They both treated it as if obesity causes infertility. And this can certainly be true. However, PCOS (poly-cycstic ovarian syndrome) causes both obesity and infertility. So, it's correlative not causative. They were treating it as if it were a lifestyle and willpower issue. I am sure sometimes it is, but for many women it is not.

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