Monday, February 18, 2008

Cirque du Soleil

We play. A lot. What else are you going to do when you severely restrict television viewing? ANyway, one of my favorite things is to "Make The Baby Fly". Getting harder since we no longer have a baby around here. But Chuckles likes it. His new thing is to try to climb up to the top of my feet to see whether he can make me drop him. Pretty neat. Until the day I do end up dropping him right on my neck or something. If I ever need to quit my job again, maybe we can run away and join the circus.
I just noticed that the socks in my last picture are not their whitest and brightest. And that reminded me that there is something about my awesome new washing machine that I do not like: it's not good at removing lint/hair from clothes while washing. My old washer was excellent at removing my hair from all kinds of polar fleece and cat fur from pillow cases. The new washer, notsomuch. So I have a lint brush that I am using now.

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